Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Fantastic Week in Coatza!

Day of Jessy´s baptism. Happiest person in the world!

Oct. 31, 2016

Sorry, too tired to put a creative title. I really don´t remember what we did this week, I just know that I had a lot of fun, Jessy got baptized, and I turned 20. End of story.

Nah just kidding. Let me think...

Sister Jarquin (in purple) and Sister Lonngi. Our brief goodbye party at Dairy Queen
Well, we said goodbye to Sister Jarquin this week. She suffered an foot injury about two months ago and she has to go home to recover. It was sad but as my companion and I talked about it, we came to the conclusion that everything is in the Lord´s hands and we just have to trust that He is going to take care of her. She served the mission the Lord had prepared for her.

Thennnnnn we spent Friday prepping Jessy´s baptism. It was incredible. Best baptism I've been to. She was so excited. Nervous but ready. The whole week she was saying I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER. Oh, I forgot to mention an important detail: her baptismal interview was supposed to be Thursday at 8. Guess what time she showed up? 10pm. 10:05 actually, and I was freaking out internally because her baptism was planned for the next day and she sometimes gets let of work late, and so we were frantically calling her at 9:30 and talking to the mission president to give us permission to be out an hour past curfew.......... Stupid Satan. The good thing is he did't get his way. The elders gave her the interview at 10pm, she got baptized the next day (almost slipped trying to get into the font, but made it in OK), and received an incredible confirmation on Sunday, blessing her with a light so that many family members, specifically her mom, would follow her into the waters of baptism. WOW. And she could't stop smiling the whole day. It is incredible what baptism by water and fire can do to a person. God is so real. Even with all her relationship problems in her marriage and in her family, she is SO HAPPY. 

Sunday...we got wet. So that was fun.

I knew the church was true BEFORE I left on my mission, but I did't know so many other people could know it in just a few days like Jessy and other converts from Carmen and Palenque (my past areas). It proves to me that we lived with God before we got here, and the message of the Gospel is nothing NEW. Missionary work is just about reminding people of the plan they already knew long before they were born on earth. This really is a marvelous work and a wonder.

Lots of love from Coatza,
Sister Wilson

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week 2 in Coatzacoalcos

In the hills of Coatza
Another fantastic week in Coatza! An interesting one, and it kind of flew by so I´m hoping I don´t forget any important details... First, my companion: love her. She´s the life of the party. Really good analyzer, hard worker. She has a cookie addiction and realized that she´s gained 9 kilos since getting here so my new full-time job is to help her control herself. Besides the weight-gain, she´s going great. Oh wait I forgot to mention the the UTI. She had to get a nice big injection in the butt the other day. And today. And tomorrow. And she has like 3 bottles of medications to take. Ah my poor companion! But she´s a big girl, she´s staying strong, doesn´t complain, except when her backside is a bit sore. Second, I´m learning that hard work really pays off. Like, REALLY. I feel so happy even though getting a baptism is nowhere close. It´s incredible to work with members, establish that trust and just be walking and talking and contacting all the day long. It´s so great in fact, that sometimes when I´m not thinking 100% straight I tell myself that I would like to keep this job my whole life. And then I get home with sore feet and thank God for the little He requires of me. Third, my funny story of today: It´s P-day. Which means: laundry, mopping, showering, washing dishes. All of which require one important ingredient. WATER. And guess what they took from us at the peak of the job. The water. SOOOOOO like the brilliant problem-solvers we are, we decided to take a taxi in our sweaty running clothes with towels draped over our shoulders and a suitcase to a sister´s house so that we could become CLEAN again. She has a really nice shower by the way, I haven´t felt so clean and pretty in my whole mission. So refreshing. Which reminds me of the gift of repentance: He aquí, quien se ha arrepentido de sus pecados es perdonado, y yo, el Señor, no los recuerdo más. Sorry you're all gonna have to put that in Google Translate or go to D&C 84:42 because I´m too lazy to translate.  I cannot express how much I love this gospel. That´s why I´m here! Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts and I wish you all a very wonderful week!

Sister Wilson
On the way to take a  real shower!
Got a little distracted in the lesson with these cuties


Celebrating my "daughter's" first three months of her mission before I got transferred :(

They moved me to Coatzacoalcos. And I totally did not see it coming.
But it's cool, it's a nice change. It's a lot cooler here --the weather I mean. Rains every night, cloudy during the day, sea-breeze (yes, they sent me to the beach again)

My new companion, Sister Morales
And I have an awesome companion. Her name is Sister Morales. She's from Mexico City, she's a really hard worker, only has 3 months on the mission but acts like she has 10. I know I'm gonna learn a ton from her and she's really great about coming up with new ideas, actively seeking people to teach... Ah I just love her so much already! Super exciting. If I had gotten any other companion, I feel like the transfers from Carmen would've been hard. But I'm adjusting well :) Did I mention she likes running? So we run every single morning (well, except Sunday, Day of Rest). I almost don't want this companionship to end!!!
Saying goodbye to the recent converts and some of the members was difficult, but LUCKY ME I get to carry all those memories and precious moments with me forever, and the hope that someday soon I will get to see them again.

Too many feelings to say what I wanna say, so I´ll communicate it with a scripture (Moroni 7:45-46)
45 And charity suffereth long, and is kind, and envieth not, and is not puffed up, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil, and rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.
46 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, if ye have not charity,ye are nothing, for charity never faileth. Wherefore, cleave unto charity, which is the greatest of all

It´s true! Couldn't have learned it better anywhere else!

Five feet big iguanas ins El Carmen

Monday, September 26, 2016

Last Week in El Carmen

Tough week but it ended on a really good note, kind of:

Today I would like to address an issue many missionaries experience when they have regular baptisms: people stop coming. Seriously it's like the ward, the bishop, his counselors --they get scared of more baptisms. Luckily they don't have authority to fire us because if they did, I think they would do it. NOBODY showed up, except two families that are recent converts and Sister Bartola and her daughter. Our ward mission leaders showed up an hour and half late, and then we didn't have the two witnesses so I had to call the stake president so that the missionaries would come. Poor elders had to leave their visit to help us with the baptism. Whew. But here's the cool part --two minutes in I felt WONDERFUL. This family that we're teaching is incredible, and Paola was so excited and ready that you could feel a peace that is NOT normal in that kind of situation. I couldn't stop smiling. And her little sister sang the Baptism song from the primary for her. So CUTE! The point is this: members, please attend the ward baptisms. So you can meet the new members, congratulate the adorable little 8-year-olds that have been waiting for this day their whole life. I know this gospel is true because too many times God has worked miracles in my life. For example, miracle that baptism happened --an hour and a half late, but it happened. When we don't have food, someone graciously and ignorantly offers us food, when we're thirsty, someone gives us free water from their store because they know what we're doing, and when we're disappointed and feeling down, he sends a companion or a friend or a spiritual hug and wipes away our tears. GOD LIVES! This is my testimony. And as weird as it feels in an email, I share this in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, amen.

P.S. Happy Mexican Independence day! (16th)
Paola got baptized on Saturday!
Future missionaries (the kid in front is getting baptized in 2 weeks)

Leadership conference on Wednesday (something distracted the elders on the left...)  

Sunday, September 4, 2016

I'm a Happy Mom

Sister Castaneda and Sister Wilson
July 11, 2016

First week training a new missionary. Hermana Castaneda (from El Salvador) is the best daughter a mission mom could have. Takes the initiative, makes me food, we laugh at ourselves, she wants to learn English, she teaches me Spanish, she has a strong testimony, sensitive to the Spirit . . . The list goes on. So life is really good right now. Also, training has given me a lot more motivation to teach and work hard and find the people God has prepared for us. And it´s been fun introducing her to all the members. We´re gonna work this ward to death in the process of baptizing this city.

Met so many wonderful people this week! One of them is the new president of the mission and his wife, President and Sister Haws. They are incredible. You can feel the Spirit so strong when he talks, it makes me want to be a Sister Training Leader forever so I can go listen to him talk every month in the conference. What a blast! And I got to see Hermana Scholes again, my sister from Palenque :)

What I learned this week: Men are that they might have joy. So grateful to be here and to enjoy this learning process with adopted family and friends.Thanks always for your thoughts and prayers. They´re working ;)

Love you all!
The streets of El Carmen :)

Sister Sump

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week 5

This is gonna be short and sweet but I promise to include more details and photos the next week. Promise. ;)
First baptism!!! Took place on Sunday in between the two beautiful conference sessions. If you haven´t watched General Conference yet, here´s the link:
Sweet, old, lovely Genoveva. She looks like the Grandma from Mulan. Not. Kidding. She´s adorable. She talks the same way too. Ah, chance of a lifetime to meet a real life cartoon character. But yes, she is now officially a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. WAHOO!
And next week is the baptism of my almost-twin, Liliana. So pumped.
This week I tried many things, but my favorites were Pozol, real churros (actually they taste almost identical to the ones in CostCo...), chamoyadas (photo to come next week...that good) and Mole!!! pronounced MOL-e. Maybe that didn´t help...Anyway, that wonderful famous Mexican dish that everyone talks about. I think. Still don´t know whats in it because apparently there are different kinds, but it is Delicious. I've eaten it like 5 times this last week. Never gets old. Well it might.
Anyway, love you all! Remember that God loves us all and is waiting with open arms. And if you're one of the lost sheep, he's busy looking for you. Just let Him lift you up and bring you home.
God bless!
And much love from Hermana Wilson

Week 6

Wow 6 weeks have already gone by! Don´t know where the time went but it has been a very fulfilling week. Another baptism. A very very special baptism. This is one of our first investigators that we taught here in Palenque. She accepted baptism on the second visit, and even though she had her baby by Csection, she was super excited as the date of partial recovery got closer and closer so that she could get baptized. Her baby got blessed too. She dressed him all in white. Can't express how ecstatic I was to see her get baptized. We are hoping little baby Ian Aaron Cruz is a future Elder in the church. How exciting!

The week previous we went to the ruins of Palenque. Freaking huge. Apparently they have only uncovered about 10 percent, and from what I understood, a lot of the more ´recent´ones were built with a similar purpose as the ones the Egyptians built--for kings, princes, who wanted fancy tombstones. Spoiled.
I have also been having a blast learning and laughing with my companion. Hermana Calva is the Even though sometimes I feel like I'm being mothered, sometimes she goes crazy and she also buys me candy. That's nice. And she teaches me and makes sure I eat my vegetables and laughs with me when I screw up, which is... a lot. Life is fun that way. :p

Love you all and please please PLEASE call the missionaries right now and send them to visit one of your friends. Everyone needs the gospel because everyone needs a Savior, and the missionaries can help :) I promise :)

Have a wonderful week! 

Week 7

Sorry the pics are so small but Mexican Internet isn´t too fab so sometimes I need to sacrifice the space so I can write more.

My companion celebrated 16 months on the mission! Almost done. And I celebrate 3 months tomorrow... WOW how time flies. I know the next 15 are gonna go by even quicker. Still not sure how I feel about that.

Miracles of the week: Well there were lots, as usual. The picture with the family is one of them. It's a privilege to teach them every week. Actually the missionaries have been teaching them for almost a year because even though Nestor, the husband, practically jumped into the font, his wife is a little more skeptical. She shows up to church almost every Sunday, reads the Book of Mormon and the D&C but she just. wont. get. in. the. font. But we love her anyway ;)

Also, the members here are fabulous. Lots are super willing to go out and visit with us and even go out on their own to pick up our investigators. Couldn't ask for a better ward to serve in!

And the baptism scheduled for this Sunday is a special one (aren't they all) because Liz is AWESOME. One of the sweetest people I have ever met. When we prayed about the Book of Mormon with her, she had tears in her eyes and took a deep breath when we looked at her. We asked her what she felt and she said, Í can´t explain it. But I know it's true. Without a doubt.´BAM power of prayer. And the Book of Mormon.

Anyway, love you all and I know that this gospel is true! Without a doubt. Too many people sacrificed their life and time and everything else for it not to be true, and I wanna keep that legacy going.

Magnify your callings--moms, dads, brothers and sisters, bishops, friends, presidents of various things--and know that God lives and loves you! And I do too!

Much love
Hermana Wilson

Sunday, April 17, 2016


A long hot week in Mexico but full of lots of good lessons and good people!

Lessons learned: Charity is KEY. If you don't have charity in service, the work gives back nothing but exhaustion. I'm falling in love with the people of Mexico. They're the ones that make me excited to wake up in the morning, happy to teach and ready to bring them to the waters of baptism! Smile. Just smile. I've also learned that you can't work well with someone without that bond of trust. My companion has taught me that. So much. When she feels like our chi is off, she jumps right into the hard questions: What is your biggest flaw? Do you really believe that God appeared to Joseph Smith? If you wanna cry, let it out in front of me. What bothers you about me? You won't believe the stuff  I've shared with this girl. (She's more like my mom, but...) But it helps. I firmly believe that the basis of all relationships must be founded on mutual trust or it won't be a fulfilling one.
The fun stuff: If you haven´t seen the Studio C video on youtube of "Two Guys on a Scooter" GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. I see it in Mexico all the time and it cracks me up. The husband, the wife, the kids, and the chihuahua. Yup. Real life. Also, I think I've eaten more tortillas this last month than I have in my life. Ah I exaggerate but no, seriously, tortillas at EVERY meal. The nice thing about Mexico is that as we walk and walk and walk, I get to enjoy nature's sauna. I am finally becoming accustomed to the constant film of sweat that envelopes my body. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd... I saw monkeys yesterday. Score! Weird because we were only two blocks from the city center and yet there was mama monkey and her baby hanging out in the trees by the park. The only animals left on my checklist are jaguars and toucans. :) Also, there's a family we've been teaching since day one, and if you're allowed to have favorites, they are mine: Liliana and Karla are sisters. Lili is my age (I beat her by a week) and Karla is a year younger. Lili just had her baby so of course every time we go over now we spend like 15 minutes just ogling at the baby. He's flawless. Well, Lili is getting baptized April 9th sooooooo I'M SUPER EXCITED! Karla's hesitant but I know that someday, maybe long after I'm gone, she´ll get baptized too.
Suggestions for Future Missionaries: DON'T do countdowns. Do count UPs. To prepare: exercise, study, practice. Study the scriptures, Gospel Library, the language, practice contacting, go out with the missionaries. It will all help. Answer your own doubts and questions. Even if you think you have the faith to go without knowing exactly WHY or WHAT something means, find the answer because a lot of your investigators need it. Get. A. Job. Bring as many mini things as you can. I´m talking mini Preach My Gospel, mini hymnal (English AND Mission lang), mini anything else you can think of. The weight adds up on the mission. KNOW THYSELF.
Scripture of the week: 2 Nephi 31:20 "Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life.

Love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!