Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week 2 in Coatzacoalcos

In the hills of Coatza
Another fantastic week in Coatza! An interesting one, and it kind of flew by so I´m hoping I don´t forget any important details... First, my companion: love her. She´s the life of the party. Really good analyzer, hard worker. She has a cookie addiction and realized that she´s gained 9 kilos since getting here so my new full-time job is to help her control herself. Besides the weight-gain, she´s going great. Oh wait I forgot to mention the the UTI. She had to get a nice big injection in the butt the other day. And today. And tomorrow. And she has like 3 bottles of medications to take. Ah my poor companion! But she´s a big girl, she´s staying strong, doesn´t complain, except when her backside is a bit sore. Second, I´m learning that hard work really pays off. Like, REALLY. I feel so happy even though getting a baptism is nowhere close. It´s incredible to work with members, establish that trust and just be walking and talking and contacting all the day long. It´s so great in fact, that sometimes when I´m not thinking 100% straight I tell myself that I would like to keep this job my whole life. And then I get home with sore feet and thank God for the little He requires of me. Third, my funny story of today: It´s P-day. Which means: laundry, mopping, showering, washing dishes. All of which require one important ingredient. WATER. And guess what they took from us at the peak of the job. The water. SOOOOOO like the brilliant problem-solvers we are, we decided to take a taxi in our sweaty running clothes with towels draped over our shoulders and a suitcase to a sister´s house so that we could become CLEAN again. She has a really nice shower by the way, I haven´t felt so clean and pretty in my whole mission. So refreshing. Which reminds me of the gift of repentance: He aquí, quien se ha arrepentido de sus pecados es perdonado, y yo, el Señor, no los recuerdo más. Sorry you're all gonna have to put that in Google Translate or go to D&C 84:42 because I´m too lazy to translate.  I cannot express how much I love this gospel. That´s why I´m here! Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts and I wish you all a very wonderful week!

Sister Wilson
On the way to take a  real shower!
Got a little distracted in the lesson with these cuties

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