Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Fantastic Week in Coatza!

Day of Jessy´s baptism. Happiest person in the world!

Oct. 31, 2016

Sorry, too tired to put a creative title. I really don´t remember what we did this week, I just know that I had a lot of fun, Jessy got baptized, and I turned 20. End of story.

Nah just kidding. Let me think...

Sister Jarquin (in purple) and Sister Lonngi. Our brief goodbye party at Dairy Queen
Well, we said goodbye to Sister Jarquin this week. She suffered an foot injury about two months ago and she has to go home to recover. It was sad but as my companion and I talked about it, we came to the conclusion that everything is in the Lord´s hands and we just have to trust that He is going to take care of her. She served the mission the Lord had prepared for her.

Thennnnnn we spent Friday prepping Jessy´s baptism. It was incredible. Best baptism I've been to. She was so excited. Nervous but ready. The whole week she was saying I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER. Oh, I forgot to mention an important detail: her baptismal interview was supposed to be Thursday at 8. Guess what time she showed up? 10pm. 10:05 actually, and I was freaking out internally because her baptism was planned for the next day and she sometimes gets let of work late, and so we were frantically calling her at 9:30 and talking to the mission president to give us permission to be out an hour past curfew.......... Stupid Satan. The good thing is he did't get his way. The elders gave her the interview at 10pm, she got baptized the next day (almost slipped trying to get into the font, but made it in OK), and received an incredible confirmation on Sunday, blessing her with a light so that many family members, specifically her mom, would follow her into the waters of baptism. WOW. And she could't stop smiling the whole day. It is incredible what baptism by water and fire can do to a person. God is so real. Even with all her relationship problems in her marriage and in her family, she is SO HAPPY. 

Sunday...we got wet. So that was fun.

I knew the church was true BEFORE I left on my mission, but I did't know so many other people could know it in just a few days like Jessy and other converts from Carmen and Palenque (my past areas). It proves to me that we lived with God before we got here, and the message of the Gospel is nothing NEW. Missionary work is just about reminding people of the plan they already knew long before they were born on earth. This really is a marvelous work and a wonder.

Lots of love from Coatza,
Sister Wilson