Monday, September 26, 2016

Last Week in El Carmen

Tough week but it ended on a really good note, kind of:

Today I would like to address an issue many missionaries experience when they have regular baptisms: people stop coming. Seriously it's like the ward, the bishop, his counselors --they get scared of more baptisms. Luckily they don't have authority to fire us because if they did, I think they would do it. NOBODY showed up, except two families that are recent converts and Sister Bartola and her daughter. Our ward mission leaders showed up an hour and half late, and then we didn't have the two witnesses so I had to call the stake president so that the missionaries would come. Poor elders had to leave their visit to help us with the baptism. Whew. But here's the cool part --two minutes in I felt WONDERFUL. This family that we're teaching is incredible, and Paola was so excited and ready that you could feel a peace that is NOT normal in that kind of situation. I couldn't stop smiling. And her little sister sang the Baptism song from the primary for her. So CUTE! The point is this: members, please attend the ward baptisms. So you can meet the new members, congratulate the adorable little 8-year-olds that have been waiting for this day their whole life. I know this gospel is true because too many times God has worked miracles in my life. For example, miracle that baptism happened --an hour and a half late, but it happened. When we don't have food, someone graciously and ignorantly offers us food, when we're thirsty, someone gives us free water from their store because they know what we're doing, and when we're disappointed and feeling down, he sends a companion or a friend or a spiritual hug and wipes away our tears. GOD LIVES! This is my testimony. And as weird as it feels in an email, I share this in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, amen.

P.S. Happy Mexican Independence day! (16th)
Paola got baptized on Saturday!
Future missionaries (the kid in front is getting baptized in 2 weeks)

Leadership conference on Wednesday (something distracted the elders on the left...)  

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