Monday, February 29, 2016


Our teacher Sister Richards on the bottom left with the pretty light brown hair and maroon skirt; and our other teacher Sister Imbler on the bottom right with the dirty blonde hair, black skirt. Love all these people so much!

This is the closing chapter of my MTC experience!

Since I'll be in Mexico on Monday, this last week involved much planning, learning and mental preparation, so not a whole lot of stories to share. But I must express my gratitude for the amazing experiences I've had here. I know that they've helped prepare me as much as possible for what I need to teach and express and do while I'm serving in Mexico.

One of my favorite things from the last week was District meeting. We had two very special ones: Monday involved talking about our families and Thursday was all about miracles--there were so many! I wish every one of you could relive the last six weeks of my life, especially those who haven't served missions. I've never been so full of love, never tried so hard to be patient, never received so much revelation, never been so engulfed by the Spirit . . . The Spirit testifies of truth. It also testifies of love. And I have felt that so much since I've been here. I hope all of you have a chance to experience it as well. I've felt it most strongly as I've studied the scriptures--all of them! So anyone can do that from anywhere they are, so do it!

My invitation ('cause Hey, I'm a missionary!) is for you to share a miracle or a favorite scripture with a friend this week. There are miracles all around us and I have loved finding ones to record every single day since I've gotten here.

Much love from Sister Wilson!
God bless! 

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