Monday, February 22, 2016


This was a week full of miracles! I can't even name them all, let alone describe each one, so I'll try my best to prioritize:

Miracle #1: Temple work. Our Spanish branch gets to go to the temple every Saturday and I cannot believe how many answers I've gotten each time I go. The key is to ASK. And if you can't go to the temple, just pray sincerely--find a quiet spot and talk to God as if he were right in front of you and know that He hears everything. I mean EVERYTHING.

Miracle #2: Girl Talk and naps. Sister Freckleton and I have a propensity for drifting into the subject of marriage and our futures and study abroad trips. There was one day when we were feeling particularly exhausted and totally intended on a nap but ended up talking for the entire hour of nap time instead. Best break ever. As a missionary, you appreciate every break you have and you appreciate it even more when you get answers and free therapy out of that break.

Miracle #3. WARNING: Ummmm this one is a little gross so it is only for the strong-stomached and those who have humor similar to mine. You won't appreciate it if you don't enjoy a good toilet joke every once in a while. So feel free to skip this one. So here's the story: Hermana Freckleton and I promised our investigator that if she quit drinking coffee, we'd quit sugar. Great idea, right? No. And of course I'm so freakin' motivated. That same night, the minute we get home, I say firmly and very audibly, "Let God strike us down should we break our promise!" And I was being dead serious because I really wanted to experience a little of what Ivette  (our TRC investigator) was about to experience while trying to quit coffee. That was last Thursday (10ish days ago). Fast forward to Monday; so I've been off sugar for 4 days. Up to this point I am feeling really . . . well, desperate for sugar. So while my companions aren't looking, I sneak a chocolate (maybe two) into my mouth to satisfy myself. Guess what happened the next morning? I woke up at 6 AM, went into the restroom and didn't leave the toilet for 40 whole minutes. I'll leave out the nasty details because you simply can't appreciate it unless I'm telling the story in person, but just image me being really sick in the stomach. Bad things happened. I felt constantly on the verge of vomiting for the next two hours. And then I was fine. Weirdest thing ever. Later that day after I was feeling all happy and grateful that my good health had returned, I sat for a second and realized God was definitely listening to me. Seriously, God hears everything.

Miracle #4. Praises for the Weather. My district says that I must have a really close (and humorous) connection to God because about 3 seconds after I said, "I just love all sorts of weather! The sky is always beautiful" (at this point, it was a beautiful, cloudy, brisk day!), God immediately sends a hailstorm. No joke. HAIL. I screamed and ran for cover as my companions laughed behind me. But I really do see weather as a miracle. All sorts of beautiful show up in every different kind of weather. Even when it's hailing.

Miracle #5. Elder Rasband came to the MTC. If you don't know who Elder Rasband is, he was just called last October to serve as an apostle in the Quorum of the Twelve. That's a big deal. When he showed up to speak at the MTC for a Tuesday devotional, my heart was beating so quickly, I couldn't stop smiling and when he walked about two yards in front of me and then looked me in the eyes and smiled, all I could think was, "I cannot believe this. I'm sitting right in front of an Apostle!" Like, Peter/James/John/Andrew/Philip/Bartholomew/Thomas/James#2/Matthew/Thaddaeus/Simon kind of apostle, except this one is on the earth right now!!!!!! The love of God just radiated from him. I can't even explain it. Watch General Conference in April and listen for an Apostle's "I love you." That's what it feels like. I'm pretty sure there were angels in the room.

There are more but these are all I have time to explain. Hope you all look for the hand of God in your life. I know it's there. No doubt about it!

"And it came to pass that after I had prayed and labored with all diligence, the Lord said unto me: I will grant unto thee according to thy desires, because of they faith." Enos 1:12

Mucho amor,
Sister Wilson 

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