Sunday, February 21, 2016


Almost done with Week #3!
It has been a crazy fun week at the MTC, mostly because I was in a very giggly mood (let's be honest, am I not that way all the time?) But seriously, so many funny phrases I must list:
  • "Brother Norton, can you explain how to make comparisons in Spanish? Like, 'Today was better than yesterday.' Or, 'They say I'm like a raccoon.'" -Elder Chappell
  • "Dios tiene un cuerpo de carne y huevos." -Hermana Strode (translation: God has a body of flesh and eggs)
  • Please go to Youtube and look for a video about Canadian border patrol that goes something like this, "Hey you people! Stop crossin the border! Get in my truck!" Hermana Strode quotes it and it never gets old...
  • "I've hit a wall..." -Hermana Stephens, followed by a series of giggles and stomping around the room as if trying to shake out her slap-happiness.

On the spiritual side, two wonderful devotionals full of inspiration, revelation and great tips; for example, the question was posed, "What price will I be asked to pay for obedience?" I love that! Sometimes obedience is hard, but I want to always be one He can count on, like Abraham or Nephi. Also, this week I have learned how little I understand and how greatly the Spirit can work through me to help me as I teach and talk with investigators. Prayers have become more meaningful and I now wish that I had said them more often out loud than inside my head. There's something special about saying prayers aloud--it's almost like God answers them louder afterward than He does when you give silent prayers. And the example my companions set for me--I cannot express how strongly I KNOW that God put me with these people. THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES. GOD DOES NOT ROLL DICE. He loves each of us and if we are obedient, He blesses us in every way He can. I lost track a long time ago of how many blessings He's given me. I wish I could pay Him back but I can't. I'll try anyway.

I have learned how essential communication is in relationships. Honestly, I think I'm preparing more for marriage now than ever before. I am with my companions every second--not an exaggeration--of the day and we don't always agree. But we love and respect each other, and as I've expressed my feelings honestly and openly, I've seen us grow closer. Pillow talk is definitely my favorite, though. You would not believe some of the stories I've heard :)

Anyway, that's pretty much all I have to say this week. Pictures to follow. Love you all so much. God be with you!!!

Sister Wilson

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