Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Hey Everyone!
Once again, email time is short. This week was a lot better than the first. A little less homesick, the days went by faster. God´s definitely helping me cope because if it were just me on my own, I´d be in Italy already crying my eyes out. I have a good companion, and the culture, appearance and traditions of Mexico are starting to become "normal" to me. I think that helps the most.
There are eight of us in the district, four sisters and four elders. Two of the elders are American. It is a relief talking to them in English at classes :) But Hermana Calva is my trainer. She´s very, VERY obedient. Like, even more than me. Imagine.... But she's a fantastic trainer! She's really funny, She only has a couple months left before she heads home. P days here consist mostly of laundry and grocery shopping, but tonight is super special because we will be showing the Church´s new video, #Hallelujah. Yay, Easter Season!
I haven´t posted pictures in a while so I figured it´s about time. I´ll send them in the emails following.
So the members feed us lunch every day here. Lucky us. Lots of lentils, caldos,  soups, rice, TORTILLAS. (Tortillas at every single meal, I kid you not.) It is obviously my favorite time of day.
I think I´ve tanned two shades in just these last two weeks. It´s freaking hot here but there´s usually a nice breeze to cool our sweaty bodies every couple of minutes. Very nice people here. They all smell good--except for the hippie tourists that come to visit. And me, maybe, haha.
They have macaws here, and iguanas. Beautiful big macaws that squack like a banshee. It's really ugly actually. But a lot of the other birds sound beautiful. The house-parrots even sing songs. No joke, they know the lyrics and the tune and everything. Very impressive.
One of the most surprising things for me was going up to talk to an old woman on the street, saying "Hey, can we share a message about Jesus Christ with you?" and getting "Sorry I don´t speak Spanish" as a response. Uh what? You´re clearly Mexican, and you don´t speak Spanish? Apparently some of the older generation only speaks Chol, some native dialect. Kind of a problem, but that´s okay, I´m sure they speak Chol in the Spirit World ;)

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