Saturday, January 30, 2016


MTC: Week 2!
It was another fantastic week full of the Spirit and so so SO many laughs.

It started with me getting called as the Branch Music coordinator. The job practically does itself--as in, I'm supposed to ask people to play the piano in sacrament meeting, conduct and give special musical numbers, but people come up to me and ask if they can do it. Easiest job ever. It continued the next day with teaching "investigators" in a role-play situation. Angela, Samuel and Ivette are our investigators for now. We talk face-to-face with each of them at least three times a week and it's amazing to see how the Spirit aids and directs the lessons. *** I need to share this because it was the most powerful memory of the Spirit that I have and I don't want to ever forget it: We are so used to feeling the peace and understanding that come with the Spirit that when a group of young men in the Training Center were chatting with us before a lesson, we (my companions and I) physically felt the Spirit leave the room. It was the second-to-worst feeling I've ever felt in my life and I never want to feel that again. These elders were so negative and none of them seemed to be here at the MTC for the right reason. The second they left, Sisters Freckleton, Stephens and I shut the door of the room we were in and knelt down in prayer. Sister Freckleton opened the prayer and I instantly felt, as she begged God to take away the bad feelings and bless us with His love, that a weight was being lifted off my shoulders. I was smiling during the whole prayer with tears in my eyes. Sister Stephens commented afterward that she felt as if someone else were in the room and I KNOW she was right. We went from a super-low to a spiritual High. I want to testify that the Holy Ghost is real, that He can tell us the things that God would have us know--either from other people, from thoughts, impressions or feelings, or simply in the comfort of Heavenly Father's unconditional and eternal love. I love that still, small voice!!!

As I mentioned before, we did a TON of laughing this week. Everything seems funny: like naming the 12 people in our class/district after animals (I'm a chocolate lab, BTW), talking for an hour into the night about "hot yams" and embarrassing moments and all our language mistakes--like the time when Elder Sperry accidentally told an investigator: "Puede tener la pez y la felicidad" instead of "paz" (translation: you can have fish and happiness); also, when Hermana Freckleton said "Es mi cuerpo(It's my body) instead of "Es mi culpa" (It's my fault)--oh and the time Hermana Stephens confused the word tierrawith tarea (earth vs homework): "When we came to this homework . . ." And of course everyone laughed when we were in class and the teacher asked, "Hermana Wilson, como esta?" And I responded with, "Estoy feliz porque anoche tuve un sueno muy bueno." It would've been fine if he'd ended it there, but no he just HAD to ask if I'd share my good dream with the class. I said, "No, no es... appropriate" and I'm sure everyone assumed I had some completely carnal dream that I'd never confess out loud. Lies. It was just a pleasant dream that was not appropriate for the class. I told everyone afterward.

Joke of the week: "These bread-what-whats are so good." In Spanish, pancakes get called something like, "Panque'que's" so pan=bread, que'=what ...sooooooo... Bread What Whats!!!! yum.

There are so many other funny stories but they just wouldn't make sense unless you were here. I'll express how grateful I am for the chance to be here. And I know that God's hand is in my life. I can't believe how much luck I've had in roommates and companions. There's no way it's all coincidence. I love everyone I've met so much. They teach me so much about friendship and sincerity and testimony and endurance. I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else! I know that Jesus Christ lives and that because of Him, we will live again and we can be the happiest people in the whole world if we simply come unto Him.

Love you all!!! ❤
Sister Wilson

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  1. I think she's had good luck with roommates and companions because she is genuinely caring and happy.